What is your experience?

  1. Lexgirl33
    Discuss them here!

    My only one was when I went to visit Bachelors Grove Cemetery. There is a infants grav there and every time my friend and I walked pasted, where heard a child cry. It was strange but cool at the same time! There were NO animals inside the cemetery. They all seemed to stay outside the fence.
  2. superhippie2000
    that sounds cool

    a little bit after my grandma dided i was a sleep and early in the morning i felt a hand on my shoulder and i looked and just saw a hand and arm to the elbow and just faded into black. really creeped me out and i pushed the hand off me and didnt sleep for the rest of the night thinking someone was in my house. didnt hear the floor creak or door open. really weird. so im thinking it was my grandma.

    another time i felt someone kiss my cheek and my mom said it wasnt here and i didnt hear anyone just felt the kiss so dont know if that was my grandma or what but it was intresting

    when i was little saw a lot of shadow figures walk around the hallway of my house at night as i slept but could of been the trees blowing outside or something. dont really know.
  3. Lexgirl33
    Wow thats crazy Jeff! was it cold? Aw thats so cool if it was your grandma You should say hi to her.
  4. superhippie2000
    nope not cold just like a normal hand. she said she would come back to huant me so guess she did that to prove she could come back lol. that was like almost 10 years ago tho. wow 10 years ago. time sure flies by.

    the kiss wasnt really cold or warm just comforting. i think when its a spirit on the other side visiting its already like full energy or something so doesnt need to gather energy but when its like a ghost stuck on our side it hasnt been fully transformed into whatever happens when it crosses over so it need to build its energy.
  5. Lexgirl33
    wow that is insane.

    cool theory. Maybe she will come back one day to visit again and you can go all GH on her lol
  6. superhippie2000
    ya maybe ill be visted by another spirit that would be cool

    ya thats my best guess cause on the other side or heaven or whatever you want to call it doesnt have like tvs and stuff to get their energies from so id only have to assume that once their souls are 'cleaned" they become 100 percent pure energy. ghosts havent been "cleaned" so they still think and act human and when they get hungry and need energy instead of eating a burger they are attracted to electiricty and the energy people give off.
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