Is it just me.....

  1. Ginx
    or is Claire getting really annoying. More annoying than she was before. I feel like she's making a lot of dumb choices and that she grew up a lot in S1 and they just tossed that out the window.....
  2. Novak Fan
    Novak Fan
    well, personally I think that Hayden Panattiere is kinda overrated lol but yeah, I liked the character on season 1 though, one on the coolest imo, but lately...boring.
  3. superhippie2000
    ya i agree. they are focusing too much on her but seems like every episode she acts the same and does the same things over and over. i want to get back to sylars plotline cause im most intrested in that.
  4. Randy G.
    Randy G.
    Plus, I think her eyebrows are just completely drawn on now with a black sharpie
    (like Sylars, only HE uses the broad tip sharpie).
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