Coming face to face with yourself (from the past or future)....

  1. Randy G.
    Randy G.
    I've heard this discussed for years, and even addressed in many adventures.

    "What would happen, if you encountered yourself from a different time period?

    Would one of you become weak? Would prolonged exposure risk the death of your younger self, and would you really cease to exist?

    If you actually touched the younger (or older) you, would it cause a flaw in the fabric of time?
  2. STFanatic
    Thinking about the movie "Time Cop", they had the problem that if you came into contact with your past/future self you would turn into that blob-looking thing and melt into nothingness. Timecop's major rule is that when you're traveling to the past, you can't come in direct contact with your past self because "the same matter cannot occupy the same space." However, since your body's cells are constantly regrowing, you wouldn't have the same cells in the future as you have in the past.
    But, I would think if you effected something in the past, it would change your future.
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