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  1. Yeah they definatly need more action, although i suspect it will be getting a lot more action packed soon, i think they needed the first few episodes to establish everything, now that they have done that they can get back to what they do best
  2. Yeah... can't say I dislike it, but I'm not lovin it yet. They promised more focus on characters and a more arc-driven story, as well as a darker tone, and they delivered on all three better than I expected, but I miss the good ol' Stargate action. Running desperatly towards the gate, shooting at the crazed locals we somehow pissed off, yelling "We're coming in hot" and jumping through the gate, landing on the floor as the iris closes behind. That kind of stuff.

    Course, it's still early on the show, and they do have issues about the ship to address before getting into other things, but I'm really ready to see some real action.
  3. Just noticed your SGU Avi, are you liking the show?
  4. Think you got the right idea there
  5. Yup, Jewel and Summer are both on it as well.

    It's an awesome show, but I watch it as rarely as possible so it'll last longer. Only so far 14 episodes can go.
  6. Hey Cam,

    I actually have the disk of episodes a mate burned for me, but haven't got round to watching it.

    Cool, from what i remember Jewel Staite from SGA is in it and Summer Glau from TSCC as well , good cast
  7. Hey Paul.

    Just came across a TV show today that I suggest you check out, if you didn't allready know about it. It's called Firefly. It's a Sci-Fi show, with a western theme that works real well with it. Real good show, has 9.5 on IMDB, but sadly only had 14 episodes made before it got canceled (no idea why).

    Oh, and since you mentioned liking seeing Morena Baccaring with long hari on SG-1, she's part of the main cast on this show
  8. was also great fun, Baal was always hilarious as well.

    Yeah i heard they were gonna make an SG-1 movie centred around Jack O'Neill as well, should be a good one, damn sucks that Claudia and Ben aren't gonna be in it.

    Farscape, another great show
  9. Yeah, I'm grateful for the Ark of Truth. And for for that matter, though was less about SG-1, and more about Cam. It really felt like a Cam-centric film, not that I minded.

    I heard they're gonna make another SG-1 movie centered around Jack O'Neill, so totally looking forward to that, but apparently the new guys (Claudia and Ben) aren't gonna be in it, so it's kinda bittersweet. It'll be good to see the original SG-1 again, but I will miss Cam and Vala.

    But hey, there's always Farscape for Ben and Claudia. That's another show I wholeheartedly recommend, by the way.
  10. I definatly felt there was a sub-plot planned with Cam and Dr. Lam, after Cam had a go at a soldier for saying he looked forward to a sponge bath from Dr. Lam.

    Really was a shame it got canceled, they were still going really strong and especially as they hadn't finished the Ori arc.

    Adria, was absolutely bad ass and Morena Baccarin with long hair, wow she was hot.

    I am glad they got to do the ark of truth as well, would have sucked to leave it like they did.
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