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  1. hey, I have this first chapter of a fic I am making with two other people. Would you be willing to read that?
  2. nope, sorry, I couldn't get into my e-mail accounts that has loads of Kara pics. I'll try to look for more tomorrow. Take care always and be safe and sleep well!
  3. hmmmm... I'll read your fics tomorrow... I am tired... and sleepy! need to go to bed, and just finished uploading another comic... sort...

    which reminds me... did you find me kara downloads? i mean screencaps? *hopeful*

    anyway... good niight, see you later *chu*
  4. Hey there, I got a new fanfic up calling Unwilling Obedience in the adult section. Take a looksie if you'd like! I'd appreciate it if you could review it, but you don't have to if you don't want to.
  5. howdy! New chapter of Buried Feelings is up!
  6. lol... thanks hon... doing great! have fast internet again... so, i will finally be able to do some reading!!! namly finally your fic!!

    i skimmed through it... and now i wanna do real reading to review a little...

    so, how are you?
  7. Hey hon, how are you?
  8. hmmm... thank you...

    (I just hope this is how someone replies... I'm still new to some features...)
  9. I just read your Aftermath of a Kiss and I love it!! Totally caught up now!
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