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  1. Have a great July 4th!!!
  2. Doing great, Julie. Thanks for asking. I've been keeping a low profile myself, lately.
    Been on Christmas Vacation from work. How's life been treating you? I don't think
    that I have to ask you how the weather is in California? It's cold and snowy here
    in Ohio. Did you see AVATAR? I'm probably going again this weekend. I hope you
    have a fantastic New Years and 2010. I'll catch up, later. This is the Glove signing
    out. Bye.
  3. Getting ready to eat some turkey. Mom's the best cook, but most moms are.
    Plan to watch Episode #4 of V tonight while I record #3 and #4 to disk.
    ABC announced that V will be back in March 2010 with new episodes. It's
    pretty exciting stuff for us old-timers who watched the original. You have
    a fantastic T-Day and keep on writing. It's a great gift to have.
  4. How are you doing, Shadow?
  5. I keep looking for you to continue your story "Star Wars: Regret", but haven't seen
    any new chapters. Don't give up...your writing is wonderful. Sorry for the so-so
    review. I'll try to better understand, next time.
  6. You do have a wonderful writing style. It flows well. I may one day start a fan fic,
    but I need to do more research on the rules and regs of the forum and watch some
    episodes of the show in which I wish to write about. I'd like the characters to feel
    the same way they did in the show and to do that requires more recent observation.
    I will one day finish an unfinished project. I just want to do it right.
  7. I can see why you were hesitant on explaining why you didn't care much for the prequel
    trilogy. It's like wampas circling a piece of meat. You're holding your own though. Have
    a nice day.
  8. I'm good. I ran across you on the Star Wars board and thought that I'd befreind you. Anyone who likes Star Wars is pretty cool in my book.
  9. I accept your terms of friendship. I don't think that we've ever communicated,
    but it's awesome to meet cool new people. How are you VS?
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