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  1. I'm very excited for you. It's nice to see happiness. I was blown away with
    excitement last week when Jane Badler was announced to be in the cast of
    the new V. We both had a very good week.
  2. Well, it looks like your favorite Smallville character is returning.
    Just thought I'd remind you...again.
  3. It's easy to give up. I ended up going to college, getting my own place, etc.
    Writing wasn't a priority. Stick with it if you're serious...
  4. I'd be willing to give it a go. I'll pay for your first book. I did have another
    book which I procrastinated it into nonexistence. It was set in the future.
    The idea still lingers in a file in the back of my mind somewhere?
  5. Sounds like your quite on your way. I wrote mine back in the early 90s.
    One about Insects. Another unfinished work about Hell. I was about a
    third of the way through it. I quite writing in the mid-90s somewhere?
  6. Well, If this is a new might want to consider copyrighting some of
    your material. I have a couple manuscripts in the Library of Congress.
  7. I intend to write a lot of drama/fantasy/sci-fi stories. I'm creating this book series called "Madelvians Chronicles" about a group of eight prestigious students getting turned into tools for experimenting, and obtain abilities to transform into animals. If you think about it, I have a lot of creativity in me...
  8. I'll have to go through the fanfic section and find some written by you.
    There seem to be plenty of writers in this forum, that's for sure.
    What do you like to write about the most?
  9. I read the Pepsi/Dr. Pepper one and found it quite off the wall. It didn't make
    any sense and I quit reading, sorry.
  10. I can't wait for "Checkmate". I've browsed over a couple of your fanfics and
    wonder why I never made it into any of your stories? Just kidding...
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