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  1. lol! Im studying for Philosophy(UGH!) and History
  2. Hehe happy studying! Remember to drink lot's of caffeine to keep you awake during the night so that you can pull all-nighters! Kidding...take that with a grain of salt...those energy drinks are never a solution to me...from experience..they only make thing's worse. What subjects are you studying for!? Inquiring minds would like to know...
  3. Nothin much, need to be studying for finals, lol.
    And of course Im excited for finale!!
  4. I am great! What's new with you? Excited about the finale?
  5. Im good and you?! And no, Im not spanish, Im sorry, lol
  6. Hey Antonio! How are you? Are you Spanish? I love the name "Antonio."
    One of my favorite soap characters was named Antonio, so that's why I have a fond spot for you hehe.
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