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  1. The early Lois and Clark episodes

    FACADE and DEVOTED Official Re-Watch Thread, February 3rd, 2012
  2. Hey Andrew! Join it with us this week if you can.

    CRUSADE and GONE Official Re-Watch Thread, January 27th, 2012
  3. Hey!! I thought you might want to join in on the Smallville rewatch :
  4. Happy New Year to you as well
    I've been off the forum since the last new episode, but will be back after the new episode
  5. Happy New Year!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. I knew it probably was nothing at all. It just seems the mods(actually only one) like to edit alot, and for any contorted reasoning on her part. So how are you liking this season?
  7. Hey

    All I said in that post was that as fans, we shouldn't pick apart episodes as if they were a Thanksgiving turkey, which I felt the original poster was doing for no reason. I then said that sometimes I like the writing, sometimes I don't, but that we should just go along for the ride instead of criticizing a character. I mean, this far along into a series (Season 9), the writing isn't always going to be top notch. I don't know why the mod found it so offensive, but I suspect that it fell under the "telling other posters what to do" stipulation.

    Oh well

    What did you say, that the mod thought you needed an edit????
  9. No single post, just several different post on different treads.
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