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  1. Haha I know! I'll have tissues handy just in case I cry...and I'm sure I will lol

    I would love a spin-off too! It stinks they never went with a GA spin-off clear back when...If we don't get one, a reunion TV movie in a few years would be awesome.
  2. Hi You! I'm a little happy, cause I'm excited for the Finale episode and a little sad cause it really hasn't hit me yet. I know I'll cry when it does!!! :*( The last new episode, EVER! *sigh*
    Geez, you get invested in a show, and they just go and end it,.... after 10 years!!!

    I would love a spin-off! Kara and Oliver had great chemistry!
  3. Happy Finale Day! I'm not sure whether a or would be more appropriate lol
  4. It certainly will be sad once it's over. I probably will have to break down and watch the finale live lol
  5. Hi You! I'm really enjoying Season 10, but I'm a little sad that it's half over.
    I will dearly miss Smallville!
    It will be fun for you to watch the whole Season at once! Nice to hear from you! ~Sparkle
  6. Hey! How has the final season of Smallville been going? I've decided that it's fun to hold off and watch the whole season as a marathon on DVD.
  7. ~ A Season 10 for Smallville! ~

    I'm on "Cloud 99"!
  8. Hey, thanks! And may God bless you as well!
  9. Hi Andrew
    *Many Blessings & Peace In 2010*
  10. Thanks for the link! I like that website. There's some good suff on it. I'm really interested in wtching the rest of that Doomsday feature now.
    In the DVD thread, you said that you saw a promo for the DVD on Syfy. Was it the same promo that is shown on the homepage of that website, or is it one that's entirely S8?
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