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  1. ya kate flips out a lot lol. i think if jon wasnt there she would of never let her that close to it lol.
  2. Oh man.. I can't believe that Kate ever let Alexis play with that baby crocodile @ the zoo... I mean, she flips her **** over how precisely the floors must be washed.
  3. ya aaden is my fav too. the kids are always saying weird and funny things and when he said that and jon was like what the heck did you say lol. one of the top moments of the show. also love when alexis says aldergator instead of aligator
  4. Re: Your avatar

    Aaden is my fave Gosselin! hahaha.

    I like that episode too. It sure sounded by his inflection that he was mimicking the way his parents say the real phrase.
  5. No prob.. I hope we'll be making it a lot better still over the next several days.
  6. Thanks for the awesome upgrade
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