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  1. I'M FURIOUS!! but not at you or any of your co-writers of season 8. What I thought would start out to be a nice start of my free day because of a special celebration in my country, went to hell thanks to a moderator. Good luck with the story and your finals. I'll keep my fingers crossed.
  2. not to bad mate Just busy at the moment with exams and revision so havent had much time to do any writing on Homecoming really. How are you keeping yourself?
  3. Hey buddy, how are you?
  4. I'd appreciate it if you could check it

    New chapter up at Buried Feelings. Took me a long time to get a new chapter up.
  6. Well, you said you didn't mind: so here's AFLAME - The Kara Chronicles!
  7. You don't? Well, that opens up a whole new can of worms! LOL!
    Anywayz, here is Buried Feelings. A couple of weeks ago I tried to make an adult chapter for this story in the adult section and when I wanted to post it, my comp decided to call it quits and closed the window. Haven't tried again though, but I will soon.
  8. Yeah send me the link!

    I dont mind if its adult
  9. That's so cool! If you want, you can check Buried Feelings. Non-adult story.
  10. not bad really! I've got exams coming up soon so havent really felt like writing much as I've been revising and stuff! I have been reading more fic on the boards than i normally do though!
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