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  1. Hey Em!!!! Didn't you just turn 18?????
  2. A little change never hurts. Things are cold here.......but I guess you've got summer time there. I wish we could trade.
  3. Hey,

    It really has. How are you? This place has sorta changed a bit. All these new threads have me a little confused Lol
  4. Hey Em!! It's been awhile!!!!
  5. Sorry been super busy, Happy New Year to you to!!
  6. Happy New Year!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. Hey Em!!!! Come back to the culture threads!!!!!!!!! We miss you!!!!!!
  8. Your gett'in real close to 3000!!!!!
  9. That's awesome glad you liked it!
  10. Hey Em, I rented Twilight tonight. It was supercool. No sooner than I got done with it, I saw a story on the computer about the sequel. Catch you later!!!!!!!!
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