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  1. Hi Wendy, I gave in to another plot bunny *sigh* Check out the Clois forum.
  2. Sounds like you guys have been sharing our weather, although today is lovely supposed to be 20c. And the sun is out! Yay! Sorry to hear about Meg being so sick, I hope she improves soon. I'm feeling better now the drugs have kicked in, I may even be able to get back to the gym next week. Fingers crossed.
    I must say I don't remember that TV series, but then I wasn't allowed to watch a lot of TV when I was younger (I was usually outside climbing trees and getting mucky!) But I'd be interested to read anyway. What's the name of the other site just out of interest?
  3. The weather's starting to warm up here, although it's been off and on raining for a week. Makes it hard to plan any sort of cleaning, especially when I have curtains to wash. The job's going okay. Our office is moving this weekend. Luckily I don't have to do anything where that's concerned, since I don't have anything there.
    I'm sorry to hear you've not been well. Meg's been sick too with a bad chest infection. Sounds like it's been going around.
    I might be focusing on another story for a wee while, hoping to get it finished. It's a Bruce/Clark slash story. I don't know if you remember a western tv series called Alias Smith & Jones, but it's kind of based on that. I didn't post it here on KSite but it's on another site. Unfortunately you have to be a member to read it as it's locked. Long story.
  4. Hey Leanne! Glad to hear you've had a chance to update that one😀. Mate I wish it would warm up already! Had to go to the docs yesterday, I've had this stupid sinus/sore throat/ears thing going on for 3 weeks. At least now I've got antibiotics for it. Apart from that things are good, busy with the kids, don't know if I'm coming or going! How about you, how's the job going? And I'm sure you guys have been freezing too.
  5. Hi Wendy, Just thought you'd like to know I updated the Martha and Jonathan chronicles. How are you? Hope Melbourne is starting to warm up.
  6. You left work at midnight??????Mate that's brutal! And ice on the car? I'm not gonna complain any more, although we did have the most July rainfall here in 25 years yesterday. Birthday gifts abound!!!
  7. Hi Wendy, yeah, its bloody freezing here. Gisborne and Tauranga had snow, can you believe it? This has got to be the coldest winter I've ever experienced in my life. When I left work at midnight there was ice on the top of my car. Not on my windscreen, thank goodness.
  8. Hey Leanne, thank you my friend! Well it's pissing down with rain and bloody freezing!! But who says I have to do anything today? And I've decided that I'm counting backwards now��. Hope you are well, I'm sure it's probably even colder in Hamilton. Bbrrrrr, I hate winter.
  9. Hey Wendy, many happy returns my friend Hope you have an awesome day.
  10. Yay Leanne! I'm scuttling off to read...............Hope you have been well and they're not working you too hard.
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