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  1. Have a great July 4th!!!
  2. Happy Mother's Day, Kate. I didn't forget that you had twins recently.
  3. Well, I'm returning to my movie. Got a busy week ahead and don't know how much
    I'll be around. I guess that it's exams week and I have to make extra trips to take
    the kids home. Have a fantastic week. Be good or be good at it...
  4. Looks similar to that cat in 'Alice in Wonderland'. I had a Russian Blue
    that lived to around 20 years and she was the most loving cat you could
    ever imagine.
  5. Hello, Butterfly!!! Is that your cat in the picture above?
    That's a beautiful cat.
  6. I'm not gay or anything, but I think that Oliver is a nice looking guy and I've seen
    him in some interviews and he seems like he's got a really good personality. I think
    that someone as serious as Tess needs someone like Oliver to bring her down to
    Earth. I think that Tess keeps Oliver on his toes. They're a good match. I'd
    like to see more interaction between these two character. It's bedtime...See
    ya in the funny papers. This is the Glove signing out. Bye.
  7. New Year's baby. I turned 40 last Halloween. Don't get me wrong or anything,
    I'm not a fan of "Lana & Clark", "Lois & Clark", or any other Ship. If I had to pick
    a favorite love interest for would have to be Alicia. Please, don't shoot
  8. I really didn't mind Lana. She doesn't annoy me as much as Lois Lane. I didn't
    even like her in "Lois & Clark". In the defense of Teri Hatcher and Erica Durance,
    at least they are playing Lois like they should. She's supposed to be annoying.
    The only episode that I really liked in season 8 was Identity. That episode was
    brilliantly written. If I don't catch up before you depart the teens...Happy
  9. The Twilight Saga seems teenybopperish to me. I tell my kids daily that "I'm old as
    dirt. My eyesight is going, my hearing is going, alzheimer's is setting in, and my
    bones creak. You guys have got to take it easy on an old man." Yes, season 7
    of Smallville was pretty bad, except Apocolypse, which in my opinion is one of the
    very best Smallville episodes ever made.
  10. It's always nice to have friends. I have been fantastic. My best friend and I
    went to see Armored today. I'd give it a C-. We go to a lot of movies. Other
    than that, I've been watching Smallville Season 8 all day. I just picked it up
    last week on Black Friday and thought that I'd rewatch it. Just finished
    watching Stiletto and certainly hope that Season 9 doesn't get as bad as
    this. I see that you are on, so, I guess that I'll catch up in a few minutes.
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