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  1. I don't bash threads or characters. I just try to state my opinions. They're usually very nice if you don't fight with them.
  2. yeah, try not to 'bash' their ship too much. I went there and pretty much told them my opinion of Chlollie.
  3. I just popped into a Chlollie thread and got welcomed. It was weird. I had to set them straight.
  4. I know tell me about it
  5. I try to spread the happy. This place sadly is frequently full of angry people.
  6. cool..
  7. It took me awhile to get it down. It's why I check with others.
  8. I don't know lol I think I just hang around the forum but I sometimes reply to posts but not very much.
  9. I know. Atomic Girl has moded me before on that thread. How is it I've never talked to you. We have many of the same opinions.
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