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  1. I thought Power was entertaining. It was not the "Clana Closure" route I was expecting, but I liked the storyline. Very Comicbooky. I didn't think they would have Clana fall deeply in love again, so it's going to be sad when they have to part.*sigh* I like "happy" better!
    I liked Clark better in Bulletproof. Yay, for the ratings increase
  2. Hey, Smallville went up to normal ratings this week. Yay!
    What did you think of the episode?
  3. Yah. They've been pretty good with it so far. The even newer spoilers for it are also cool.

    I've been trying to limit my time here now since the negativity is getting so annoying.
  4. Craig also got tired of the negative energy.
    On the last page, of his thread, the Ship bashing started again, so Craig had to close the
    "stop bashing" thread
  5. I think, I trust PS3 with the continuity
  6. I love Smallville's flashbacks too. Ones that include [*spoiler]Lex are especially awesome (as were the Clex ones in "Lineage"). I hope they bring back the kid who played young Lex last season![/spoiler*] (I guess we can't use spoiler tags, but I noted that they're spoilers anyways.) I just hope nothing happens that would go against continuity in the flashbacks.
  7. Eternal sounds Awesome! I like flashback scenes, and continuity and Yay, it's of the.... oops spoilers. Do we need to use spoiler tags on these? LOL
  8. WoW! How did our fun Ratings thread, turn into a Lana and Lois contest?
    It makes me sad. I like both characters.
    (happier note) Clark ROCKED lastnight Loved that He, MM, and GA are bonding, and realizing they need each other.
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