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  1. The alien Jesus line made me laugh.
    I was hoping for a fight too, but I'm hoping that the IJL can come back next season and play a bigger part.
    He really does need to. Isn't that the same spot he hid Kara's crystal last season?
    I don't think she did either. I'm not even sure if it would have been possible.
    Some people are speculating that they might do a Kandor/New Krypton storyline next season. I think that could be really cool, especially if it brought Laura V. back for a few episodes.
    I'm not sure if it's controlling her; I think she may be somewhat brainwashed by it, though. Guess we'll have to see... Btw, when do you think she found it? The first time we saw her with it was in "Eternal," right? I wonder if that was her first time seeing it. I also wonder if the mysterious "X" might be whoever is communicating w/ Tess?
  2. I really liked Injustice! "You accused me of being an Alien Jesus" Awesome, Clark!
    I wanted to see the IjL use their powers more and some kinda battle. It was still good! I guess Clark needs to find a new hiding place for his Artifacts!:/ But, I don't think Tess destroyed the PZ Crystal.
    KANDOR! OMG! What a great surprise! If the voice in the Orb is controlling Tess in some way, then eventually, she may forget what she knows about Kal-El. That may get Cassidy to S9. I'm not convinced the voice is Zod, but it makes sense for "Doomsday". Confused, as to how Zod is speaking thru the Orb. I can't wait to see what happens next! I love, that they keep us guessing!
  3. What did you think about "Injustice"? I thought the end was a little confusing and I was disappointed that Livewire was killed before she even did anything, but I still liked the episode a lot. It set stuff up for next week. Tess was really good in it too. I can't wait to see what's going on with this Kandor stuff.
  4. I think Tess makes a good Villian. She knows too much about Clark, I think. I'm so excited! I did see Lois with the Legion ring, Whoa! Also Black K, maybe!
    So many cool things going on!
  5. A 2-hour finale would be great. Maybe we can hope that the series finale will be that long?

    Really? I would rather CF stay Tess, but if that's the only way to keep her around, then it could be cool. I think they've made Tess really interesting, especially after "Bulletproof." I wonder what the orb is going to do? Btw, did you see that Lois gets the Legion ring?

    Haha, I'm too weak to resist the SV clips. They're actually not too spoilery, though.
  6. I wish it was a 2 hr. Finale! There is going to be so much going on! Better buckle-up

    There is another theory that Tess will become Faora. Not so sure about that one, but i would like CF to be in S9. They really have us guessing with that trailer. I decided not to watch the various clips of Injustice, it's really hard:/
  7. That trailer was so frikkin' epic! There is so much awesome looking stuff going on in that trailer. Doomsday looks great too; I can't wait to see all the fights. The only thing is, I wish that the episode was expanded by at least ten minutes or so like the S4 finale was.

    I'm glad we're (probably) write about Zod. I think it's an interesting way to keep SW around, and I think they can do some interesting stuff with Zod next season.
  8. OMG! Did you see the Doomsday trailer! It's AWESOME! I think our Zod theory may be right. I'm so excited! This video is easier to pause, than Ausiello's.
  9. Yah, I did see it. And I think it's very likely that SW could be playing Zod next season, especially with the Kelly Souders quote that says an. old and new character will show up in the finale and this character will be in S9.

    I think it would be a great idea for this to happen. SW is a great actor, and I wouldn't mind seeing Zod again either.
    Did you see this pic of SW on the right? Do you think Sam might come back for S9, maybe as Zod? This is a BTS pic of Doomsday, in the make-up room. I think that would be Awesome! I like SW.

    If Clark puts Doomsday in the Phantom Zone (just speculation) Zod could escape into Davis body and cause havoc in S9. Just one of my theories.LOL!
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