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  1. Those are pretty much my complaints too. I thought it was sad (and not in a teary way) that the Clark/Doomsday fight was hyped the entire season, and then the Tess/Lois fighter was better. I understand they have a limited budget, but the fight was a big disappointment to me. Doomsday really didn't bring doomsday afterall.
    I didn't understand Davis going psycho. I know they probably did that to kill Jimmy and set Clark on his dark story, but it was OOC. He was finally made normal, and then he screams about nobody being able to save him? He probably had a lot of guilt, but that didn't make much sense.
    I didn't get too worked up about Jimmy until Chloe put the camera around the little kid's neck. Then I realized what they were doing, and I got choked up.
  2. Seriously, the Clark/Doomsday fight was so short! We've been building up to it all Season.:/
    Deaths were way too violent, and the Davis that we grew to sympathize with went psycho! Doomsday should have killed them. Doomsday didn't kill anyone!
    The Jimmy we all thought we knew, well, psyche!
    I liked the episode better the 2nd watching. There were some good scenes. Always like the JLA, Lois and Jimmy, Clark being Heroic and I liked the Zod scene, although confusing. There were some cool FX. Rokk was cool. Strange plotlines. Lois and Tess scene was confusing too.

    Why did Tess think Lois took the Orb? I'm so glad Tess, Chloe and Oliver survived. Still looking forward to S9.

    Do you think Zod, looked like SW? I thought they'd show his face.
    I can't really post on the boards right now, too much angry negative energy! Our 1st ratings thread got locked *sigh*

    The Watchtower set is Awesome!
  3. It was a good episode, but I was disappointed with it, tbh. I just hope that the S9 opener is better.

    I actually got behind, and I didn't bother with catching up. I might buy or rent the DVD once it comes out.

    I'm glad it got renewed, though. That's some good news. I'll keep my fingers crossed for T:TSCC.
  4. Wow! I'm still processing Doomsday! I liked it, but I'm shocked.
    Anyway, did you like 'Dollhouse'? it got renewed for S2 for 13 episodes, even with atrocious ratings. I'm still hoping for T:TSCC.
  5. I know, they were nice. I wonder if that place they're in is part of the new Watchtower set, or if it's just some random warehouse?
    I didn't think they were. Maybe just to people who didn't know the JL was returning...

    NO! Neither of them can die!
    I think the deaths will be Clark and Davis. The twists will be that Sam will return as Zod, and Clark will come back next season.
  6. The pics of the JLA were SO cool! The full shot of all 3 would make a great poster!
    The new images weren't spoilerish at all!

    I'm still leaning toward, one of them dying. Maybe Bart, please not Oliver!
  7. Those phone calls must be pretty expensive.

    I can't even count how many times I've watched the trailer. It's so exciting.

    I didn't think they were very spoilerish. But perhaps I'm just not seeing it?
  8. Decided to PM this one.
  9. Clark hides everything under the Barn floor! LOL ( But, I think it's kinda cool!) It could be X, maybe X is who gave her the Orb. She may have found it in the Arctic, but didn't know what it was. I hope we find out. I hope we see Kara in S9, too! Kandor is just way cool!
    I remember something about Zod communicating with Isobel, I think. I didn't know you could make phone calls in the PZ!

    I've only seen Ausiello's preview clip and it was Awesome! So many questions! My eyes are tired from trying to figure out who is at the darn Funeral! I don't want to get too too spoiled.
    Are the new pics Craig put up today, very spoilerish? I'm so tempted! He said they might give some hints as to what is happening.
  10. I'm confused as to how Zod or whoever can communicate through it too. Maybe Chloiac or someone else reprogrammed it, like the FOS crystal was reprogrammed to send Clark to the PZ? Or maybe people in the PZ just have the power to use things like that to communicate w/ others. I remember reading that Zod once used a crystal ball to communicate w/ the witches from S4, and that's how they found out about the stones, or something like that.
    I can't wait either! "Doomsday" is going to be soooooo exciting. Have you seen the clips from it yet?
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