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  1. I hope so, because a superhero spin-off would be awesome. I would like a S10 too.
    I think it would be great if SV could grow or something in its new timeslot.
  2. Don't worry, even if the Ratings go down, there is less expectation on Fridays. I think SV will be fine on Fridays. We will still most likely get a 10th Season, maybe a Superhero spin-off! Can't have too many of those!
  3. I see you heard the new scheduling news. It's kinda sad, because I always thought SV would go out in its Thursday at 8 time slot. I think that ratings will go down because it's a Friday, but, who knows? Maybe SV will surprise us again!
  4. Since V was only picked up for 13 eps at mid-season, I think it's possible that Laura could come back.
    I want to listen to the Cassidy and Aaron interviews from SHOE. But right now, "Return" by Capital Lights is on, and it's really catchy, so I don't want to turn it off.

    Yep, all we know is that Zod will be playing a part, and that's pretty much it. Will you be checking out spoilers for S9?
    Good! Even if some people don't like it, I think SV is one of the best shows on.
  5. Having Kara and Kandor in S9, would be awesome! Cassidy gave a great interview
    with Starkville. I love that she is so into playing Tess. She and Derek danced around
    the SW as Zod question. I wonder if they are trying to keep it a secret? As if we will be surprised it's Davis body.
    Derek gets SV inside info for SHoE, so he might know already.

    I haven't a clue what is planned for S9. It's exciting!
    Now that I'm thinking about Smallville, I'm not so sad about TSCC.
  6. That makes sense. I wonder if they'll explain how the device to control the Traveler became the device that holds a civilization of people next season? I hope they do.
    Yay, so at least there wasn't any Lana v. Lois v. Chloe fights in the thread?

    That could be, though you would think he's already signed (since contracts are usually for more than one season [Cassidy signed for three ]). But you could be right. I hope it's him too. It would make sense, considering what Faora told him in "Bloodline." And he's such a great actor. I think he probably would. It seems like he was disappointed with Davis's exit (as was I), but I think he still enjoyed his time.

    Ha, that does make sense. I wonder what Clark's going to be like when he returns next season? I hope he's not too mopey!

    I hope we get new information soon! And I hope that Kandor will play a big role, and possibly bring Kara back for a while.
  7. I opened my eyes, and found the SW article!:/
    I'm hoping he's just not saying yet if he will be back! Keeping us in suspense or still negotiating. I could slap that interviewer for not at least asking, if he was going to play Zod! Geez!

    I agree, the DD monster suit looked cheesy in some shots!
  8. Where is that TVGM(what does it stand for?) article with SW? I was thinking the Regan video was taken the same day, but before Tess killed him. Our thread became how much the episode was liked or disliked. Too OT I guess.

    Maybe they didn't show Zod's face for Contract negotiations. "Sam, we don't have to use you as Zod. No-one saw your face, it could be any actor." I hope it's SW, he and CF fit well in SV. SW plays an awesome villian. I liked when he had OQ and JO in the basement in Beast. SW would make a good Zod! I wonder if he even wants to come back?

    When Clark left/faded out, (I was hoping to see the Fortress light up!)

    It reminded me of the "Kryptonite" song.
    I took a walk around the World, to ease my troubled mind.
    I left my body lying somewhere in the Sands of Time.
    But, I watched the World float to the Darkside of the Moon.
    I feel there's nothing I can do!

    I'm already getting excited for S9. It has such potential!
  9. I think it's gotta be him. In a TVGM interview, it sounded like he wasn't coming back, but I think they just want to keep it a secret for a while that SW will be playing Zod.

    I was curious about some possible plotholes too. I'm not sure, but haven't they said Jimmy's full name before, and it wasn't Henry James, or an I mistaken? Also, wasn't Regan dead in "Power," or did we just assume he was dead?

    Why was it locked? Haha, people will be worked up for a while, then we'll get some cool new info, and be all excited for our SV again.

    The set was a really pretty one. I hope it gets some use next season.
  10. I guess this was actually something they had to do because of DC, though (and to free up some of the budget). I'm going to miss Jimmy, and Aaron's coolness. I guess it was a pretty cool twist though, and I think it could be a nice addition to have the "real" Jimmy following in his older brother's footsteps. And Henry got to go out as a hero.
    I think the episode could have used some better editing too. That last Clark/Chloe scene was confusing. It was weird that the JL was at the funeral, and then Chloe is talking about how they've disappeared in the next scene.
    I need to rewatch. I think it will be better since my expectations will be lowered.
    It was awesome having the JL, Rokk, Zod, and Regan back. And I liked Clark's heroic-ness.
    I was thinking about that earlier today. I think it was because Lois was snooping around in her stuff, and watching a video about the orb. Plus, Tess is paranoid about it anyways. (It's awesome that Tess didn't die!)
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