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  1. To the right. LMFAO!
    Sorry, I just couldn't resist. Ha ha!

    I'm doing good Jeff. Just posted a new funny.
    I didn't post it in spoiler art, because it doesn't spoil anything.
  2. hows it hanging?
  3. ya will take a while to get used to. learn the comment things first then move over and figure out the pictures, then check out the groups one thing at a time lol other wise it will drive you nuts
  4. Hey Jeff! I'm REALLY liking what I've seen so far, but it's all a bit overwhelming. Since we've "re-arranged the furniture", I think I'll be wandering around the site, bumping into things for quite awhile to come.
  5. that sounds cool havent seen you on in a long time and when you are its not for long oh and you can always reply to the person in their profile easier to know if someone responded.
  6. hey man whats up? how you liking the new features?
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