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  1. hey hows it going?
  2. yay welcome back randy. missed talking with you. glad you got your screen did it get fixed or did you buy another one?
  3. Hey Jeff! I'm ba-a-a-a-ack!
  4. oh thats good your trying to get it fixed. hopefully your friend can figure it out. good luck with it. must be a pain not to be able to come online and do your normal stuff
  5. Hey Jeff! How are you?
    I sent my monitor home yesterday, with a guy that works on computers. Hopefully I'll hear something back from him in a day or two. I hope it's good news. Keep your fingers crossed!
  6. sorry to hear your monitor crapped out on you. hope you can replace it soon. maybe you can find an old bulky monitor thats out of date but still working till you can get a new one.
  7. cool another party huh? sounds fun. and you have the big screen right? that would look awesome.
  8. I'm ready. My friends will be here soon. Gotta make some chicken & vaccuum.
  9. you ready for smallville and supernatural?
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