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  1. Thank u darling you are the best ever i true love your work i mean i have wore your avi for months it was so hot. You caught some of the sexy and passionate clois moments of season 9. Yeah i am sorry work does suck and school does also. I just wanna stay home relax and be on here and maybe all day............. unrealistic i know lol
  2. yeah. I just signed on for the first time today about an hour ago and I've got to go to bed now. Darn work..... I'll get it for you tomorrow.
  3. in hope u can or will make my avi hon i love the ones u made and the clois pandora one was excellent i really did love it.
  4. Hi darling i was wonder if you could make me a gif of this gif i have when they kiss on the roof from this angle please
  5. I mean get what you are saying but for me i still love clois and lois its just that the chlark in the promo was too much. For me season clois even the bad apples were great i loved all off it seriously. But my hate for the chloe character is strong i may even stop shipping chollie because i didnt like how indecisive chloe was even though we saw how she was in the past several episodes seriously. She loves ollie i am tired of the retcon. I may change my mind but right now nothing matters more than lois.
  6. Sorry to hear you have given up on Clois. I totally understand how you feel (even if I may have slightly different reasons). I haven't totally given up on them, but I hugely lessened my shipping of them over the last year (since mid season 9) and ESPECIALLY this season. I still enjoyed them all the way through season 9 even if it was less, but somewhere in the middle of this season, I just stopped caring about them.

    I don't like what they did to Lois either. I don't really know your reasoning for being upset, but personally I feel like she's lost herself in doing nothing but supporting Clark and she was always my favorite character since she first stepped foot on the set. Persuasion is really when it started to go down hill for me with Lois and when I really started to disconnect from Clois. I hated what they did with her in that episode. The way they write Lois is a huge factor in my lessened shipping of Clois.
  7. Thank u
  8. Cute Profile pic.
  9. Thank you very much i love them awesome awesome awesome
  10. Hi babe how are you? I was wondering if you could make the future full kiss from idol into a gif please thank u.
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