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  1. Ya decided to start working agian like 30 minutes later. FB has problems way too much.
  2. It was working for me but i know others who were having problems with it.
  3. Is facebook not loading for you? All im getting are blank pages.
  4. Yeah I agree. He earned everyone's respect and was a class act.
  5. atleast everyone got to say goodbye and knew it was coming. not many people get to do that.
  6. Yeah I posted her status on my fb about him. He was a great person.
  7. Ya i just saw And on all days for him to go he had to go on fathers day.
  8. Kerri Kasem posted today on FB that her father passed away.
  9. The song made by Luscious Jackson in one ep seems to be why the season 3 dvds r stuck in limbo and also maybe y the show hasn't aired on the lineup. Maybe the company finally caved and paid them. I really do think since they mentioned it this means theyre planning on finally airing it and releasing season 3 sooner than later.
  10. The same reason is why musical guests were eliminated from the All That reruns.

    I think the fact they're including P&P in this battle means theyre either close to or have reached an agreement to air the series.
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