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  1. Yeah, true that. Lexa Doig didn't hurt either Too bad she missed out on almost the entire 10th season, but she was pregnant so... I read that before she got pregnant, and therefor had to miss out on S10 there was a subplot planned with Cam (not me, Mitchell ) and Dr. Lam. I always wondered how that would've gone.

    Such a shame they got canceled during the Ori arc, I heard that the producers had way bigger plans for Adria (Morena Baccarin wasn't bad either, BTW) in the 11th season, but alas, it wasn't meant to be At least they had the opportunity to end the plot with Ark of Truth, even if it did seem a wee bit forced.
  2. Before i saw them i thought without RDA they would suck, but it really didn't

    Ben Browder definatly did an awesome job, and you are right i think he done so well because he didn't copy RDA, he brought his own style to the table, which was a good choice.

    Claudia Black, my god that was great casting, she made me laugh all the time. And the guest appearances from Lexa Doig didn't hurt either
  3. Hey, no problem, I'm glad you enjoyed them. I certainly did as well

    Before seeing them, I thought that without RDA, SG-1 would go down the drain, but it really didn't. I thought Ben Browder did an awesome job as the new leader of SG-1. He didn't try to replace RDA, he had his own style and used it well, and don't get me started on Claudia Black, cause I'll sing her praise for ages
  4. Hey Cam,

    This is a bit random but i took your advice from a while back and watched the remaining seasons and two tv films of Stargate, they were awesome , so just wanted to say thanks for recommending them
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