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  1. you have a nice night and I will pray 4 you God Bless.
  2. Should we all be so lucky as to have a Tom/Clark in our lives. No repenting necessary. Your kind heart more than makes up for it..... the Power of Prayer!
  3. I will put you on my prayer list, I have to repent for Clark/Tom thoughts u know.
  4. Thanks. I've noted your address. Just to let you know, I'm heading into surgery in the next few weeks....seriously injured my shoulder and arm so I'm slow typing with just one'll be hearing from me though.
  5. [email protected], but if you don't want to email me,it's cool
  6. I think it is important to remember that Clark has to realize that he needs to be completely love i.e. Clark and Kal-el. Otherwise, it is not an honest love. He cannot expect Lois to be satisfied loving just a part of him. She deserves all of him not just a part of him. You see what I mean.
    I really think Clark's fear of losing Lois will be the impetus he requires to finally be honest with her.
    You'll see. Do not dispair.
  7. It's just that Clark was afraid no one would love him for what he can do and now that he wants to be loved as Clark, they love his hero persona more.
  8. Take Heart, Friend. Do not despair. All's well that ends well.!!!
  9. Chloe's song to Oliver...In the closet by Michael jackson for these lyrics alone...."something about you that makes me want to give it to you" LMAO
  10. Thanks, though I don't know about genius, just silly.
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