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  1. I do agree with the Lex thing. It was so completely stupid. I am totally against mindwipes of any form. IMO, if they didn't want Lex knowing, they simply shouldn't have let him found out in season 7. Why go there, if they planned to take it away?

    And as for Clois, I love them, and I always will. I love so many things in this season, and others not so much. But I am not exactly freaking out, you know. I feel that, if they hadn't made so much out of this non-wedding, I wouldn't have felt disppointment. In a weird way, the same logic aplies to Lex mindwipe and Clois non wedding. You can't go there, then don't go there. The only thing you achieve is upsetting fans that wouldn't otherwise be upset.

    But I was happy with several things Clois wise in the finale, others, however, not so much.
  2. Its funny how everyone is freaking out over their own ship. People sometimes are more critical of the things they love than anything else (ruling out some of the people who seem to have a pathological need to bring others down.)

    In all honesty, I used to hard core ship Clois but don't anymore after finding season 10 a little dull, but I thought they had some good moments in the finale. I have a thing for reporter Lois and Clark, so of course I liked that. The 7 years surprised me but they mind wiped Lex. It could be a whole lot worse.

    At least they just delayed the wedding and didn't go the Lex route to line up with the mythos. The Lex thing was my least favorite part of the finale.
  3. Clois was nice, but I am bummed that they are not married after seven years. I get that DC probably didn't allow them getting married or flying together before he was Superman, but 7 years after they could have been married. *sigh*

    But all things considered, I guess it could have been worst for Clois. At least I got progression for Clark and Lois as individuals, and in the end, that is the most important thing.
  4. Thanks!

    I'm one happy shipper today. Its a great day.

    And congrats to you too. Clois went well. I especially liked the end scene with Lois and Clark bumping into each other. That's the Clois I love.
  5. Hi,

    I just wanted to congratulate you for your happy Chlollie ending. I was sure it would happen, and I am glad for you.

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