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  1. Thank you for the lovely pics for my birthday! I especially liked the cartoony one with the banner. It made me smile. And no worries on getting the date wrong, I totally love getting presents--even late (a friend once didn't give me hers until Valentine's Day so you're well ahead of her!).
  2. aw crap i'm so sorry i thought the 30th was your birthday sorry sorry sorry!!!!! i put it in my phone as the 30th soooo sorry!
  3. Thank you for the holiday wishes! I do love that gif (I've got it on my computer myself!)

    to you, Mae!
  4. Happy cas day!
  5. Yeah not my thing at all. Hope you enjoyed reading it!
  6. didn't know you wrote fic. I have a couple on here as well but they are slashy so probably not your thing. Thanks for the link!
  7. i wrote this a few months ago actually.
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