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  1. Hey lauren any update on Injustice

    Also i have the forth book of Forgotten son uploaded here is the link
  2. Hey Lauren the Final Chapter of A Family Reunited is up i hope you enjoy
  3. Family Reunited has been updated one more chapter to go before i start the 4th book

    Cant wait for more injustice
  4. Hey Lauren chapter 6 is up for Forgotten Son 3 Cant wait to read some more Injustice
  5. Great update. Injustice has been updated also. Thanks for your reviews.
  6. Hey Lauren just updated Forgotten Son 3 hope you like

    I will check up on Injustice later today after work
  7. Injustice has been updated. Thanks for your reviews.
  8. Hi again. I read your story interesting concept. I like it. I love Clois and Chlodam seems like a cool ship. I also updated Chapter 9 of injustice. Thanks for your review
  9. Hi SilentAbyss. Chapter 8 of injustice has been updated. Thank you for your reviews.
  10. Hey lauren thanks for the heads up on injustice just uploaded a new sequal The Forgotten Son 3 - A Family Reunited let me know what you think (Prob best to read Forgotten Son 1 & 2 first to make sense) lol
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