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  1. Sighs..I apologize if I am infuriated...I expected this finale to be the best. I really believed that after last year's travesty of "Arctic", we would get a better finale. Looks like the show has really run it's course. It should have ended this season. They are prolonging the inevitable. If this trajectory of bad episodes continues, the show might not even get a proper series finale. The thing is, I really respect your passion towards the show. You post abundantly here, even after many times that the show has disappointed you. I gave the show substantial amount of chances for some improvement, and our reward for being loyal fans is a 1 minute fight between Clark and DD? The producers need to get real or get out. I am outraged.
  2. Well, don't throw them in the garbage. It will be hard watching even the good years of the show knowing the garbage it has turned to. I'm hoping they press a reset button in the premiere. I will watch that & if I don't see serious improvement, I'm done. I suggest you give it a chance too.

    Thanks for the kind words. If God rewards me in life, I want it to be for things other than a stupid TV show like this.

    At least the Supernatural finale was great, though I'm concerned about what will happen to Sam next season. I hope there is salvation for him & Dean still.
  3. Well....that was crock'o'****....

    XrayVision, it was my pleasure reading your fan fics and theories. In my eyes, you will be the best Smallville writer, ever. Bless your soul and I hope God rewards you in life for your ingenuity.

    I am disgusted, hurt, angry....words cannot express my humiliation at the writers and show. I am really at a loss for words. I hope the show gets cancelled on the first episode of S9. It was an appalling finale. I was so mad, that I chucked all of my DVDS into the garbage.
  4. Thanks. Sorry about the strenuous day. Hope you get rested and have a great weekend. I see your profile says that you live in Ottawa. I've been there a few times and there's lots of cool things to do, like that Rideau Canal area where you can go bikeriding. Hopefully the weather will allow you to have some fun at those various places.
  5. Hey XrayVision, thanks for elaborating on that front. Your storyline sounds epic and I would love it to come to the surface. Just popping in quickly to say hello. I had a strenuous day at work and we got clobbered by a vicious thunderstorm. I wish you a very relaxing weekend..enjoy it! Take care.
  6. The Zod symbol is hopefully there because Davis is the son of Zod. Either that, or I hope it's one of those things seen in a promo but never seen in the episode. I think bringing back Zod like this is very anti-climactic. If anything, they could bring him back for an episode and have his body re-created & trapped in the Phantom Zone. But I don't want him as a main season 9 villian.
  7. In the comics, there was a time where The Eradicator did many bad things, though it wasn't really a villian. It was carrying out what it was created by Kem-El to do. It did things like open portals to the Phantom Zone, withdraw technological objects from it to carry out its own plans, possessed various doctors & scientists to serve its needs, and even made Jimmy Olsen malleable & caused him a lot of pain. But Superman went through a rite of passage where he met Kem-El's spirit & learned how to control it. After doing this he mentally ordered it to shut down.

    I've been saying that introducing the Eradicator & having Clark deal with the problems caused by it should be one of 3 parts of Clark's training along with fighting Kal-El in 4-5 battles over an entire season (until he beats him) and having periodic sessions with Jor-El.
  8. The Eradicator being hell-bent on creating a new Kandor on earth like I said above aligns with its primary purpose when Kem-El created it. By restoring Kandor, it would preserve the last vestige of Krypton. Tess being the savior of Kandor could be the Eradicator's way of giving her props for allowing Kandor to be restored...for making it all possible. This would also make the return of Kandor similar to the New Krypton storyline in the comics, even though it doesn't involve the Eradicator. The Eradicator could be used to tie so many things together (Clark's revival after his death, Kandor's return, and so much more).
  9. The Eradicator never separated Clark from Kal-El in the comics. He just pretty much created a clone body to inhabit. Of course this is SV, and they could do it a little differently.

    The Eradicator never destroyed crystals so that Clark died on purpose in the comics. In the show, they could explain it as being its master plan to get a body of its own---and one capable of flight. Of course it would also know that it could revive Clark by doing this (see my reasoning above). The Eradicator would do this so it could save Clark while also restoring a lost Kryptonian civilization---Kandor. In the comics, the Eradicator's sole purpose was to preserve all things Kryptonian, so this would really allign with the comics.
  10. In the comics, the Eradicator starts off as a device & after Superman died, it took his DNA from the birthing matrix (a device that carried Clark's cells to Earth where he was born in the comics) & created a body for itself that looked pretty much exactly like Superman. Here's a comic cover with the Eradicator:

    He replaced Superman. When Superman came back from death, he was seriously depowered and wore a black Kryptonian lifesuit. Something happened & the Cyborg Superman (Hank Henshaw) caused some Kryptonian gas to leak & blasted the Eradicator with a beam. It went through the Eradicator, killing him but repowered Superman & fully charged him. So my theory would be a little similar. He would split off Clark's Kal-El side & energize it after possessing that side of Clark. Because Clark's Kal-El & Clark sides would be connected, Kal-El's body being revived could also mean that Clark's body is revived.
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