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  1. That be me in the Superman suit. My B-Day is on Halloween and I
    dress up every year for my friends and family. They love it! My
    albums have me in the suit on more than one occasion. You ought
    to put together a picture album for those of us Zod fans to admire.
    Have a great day, sir.
  2. I haven't seen anymore of your V reviews? It
    won't be long and the forum will be hoppin' again.

    My crystal ball did spit out one last prediction.
    It has been run dry for a while.

    Do you think Zod will make a guest appearance
    on Smallville this season?

    Just thought I'd say hello...
  3. I see that you've been watching the new V. I enjoy reading all reviews.
    Great news on the upcoming'll have to check out the forum.
    Jane Badler from the original is coming back. I'm pumped!
  4. Zod is appreciates your acceptance of his friendship.

    Zod would like your help in taking over the world

  5. I accept all of your demands of friendship, Zod.
    Never let it be known that Glove is not cooperative
    and/or submissive. I wouldn't want to ruin my
  6. I'm learning something new everyday on here.

    I checked out some videos of this "Ming-The Merciless" fella. He's pretty intense, but this Flash Gordon guys got some super skills:
  7. My avatar is Ming-The Merciless. Played by Max Von Sydow in the 1980 Version
    of "Flash Gordon". If you haven't seen it...check it out and enjoy Emperor Ming.
    Let me know what you think?
  8. My crystal ball is running dry. I have one more.
    Thanks for a few laughs.
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