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  1. Maybe, but she was only overdue by a week, I think. Normally they'd give it a couple of weeks.
  2. Maybe they induced her labor because she was overdue.
  3. She can't have been in labour very long
  4. Hi there
  5. I'm sure you've already heard about the royal baby being born. I'm glad it was a girl.
  6. Sorry for not responding to your message sooner. On Monday I was having loads of fun. I'll tell you on Friday.
  7. Hey. I am so bored right now. What are you up to?
  8. I just saw your avatar and just had to show it to Steve. LOL.
  9. I just saw your VM after replying to your email. I think that eight will be okay. I should have my ironing done by then and hopefully the game will be over too. *sighs*
  10. Hey, not sure if you'll get this, but I'll be on Skype at 1pm (8 your time) if you want to chat. I sent you an email on your Yahoo.
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