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  1. Thanks Leanne. I'll accept an update as a present.
  2. Hey hon, happy birthday. I wish I had a gift to send you. Oh well, there might be a surprise in the next chapter of Saint Clark.
  3. Your songfic inspired me. Check out mine. You'll get a good laugh out of this one.
  4. Thanks. I'll try it out later. I may be doing "Get down tonight" in the AFF but I'm not sure yet. I hope to have it posted today.
  5. Hey hon, re: your question, highlight the link and type over it. When you have copied the shortcut, go to your new post, click link. You can always do a title ffirst or it, go to the link button, paste your shortcut in the link and voila! Hard to explain but easy once you know how.
  6. Goodie! *Parking in front of the computer with a bowl of popcorn and a margarita*
  7. hey hon, final two parts of WLMC are up.
  8. Hey hon, new Providence chapter for you. The next one I'm planning for the adult forum.
  9. New chapter for you hon
  10. Hi Gem, firstly, I just wanted to say you're doing great with your fics. Second, I have a couple of fics posted myself if you want to check them out. My first one, Kate, follows canon up to midway season 7 and the second is a futurefic following the lives of the son of Clark and Lois and the daughter of Lex Luthor. Just in case you want to read.
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