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  1. I just logged onto Safari and posted it. I still had to space it out though. *shrugs*
  2. Try removing formatting, then use the font and style in the toolbox. I used to have that problem all the time in LJ until I learned to use the html format. Maybe it's the formatting - it can sometimes add unnecessary characters in the html.
  3. I hate Firefox! I just tried posting the Epilogue and an error message popped up that said the post was too long. I've had longer chapters and never had a problem. Then again, I was using a different browser. Now I'll have to log out and go onto Safari. Back home I usually use Google Chrome but Steve doesn't have it on his laptop. *sighs*
  4. I was never a big fan of the Kirk era of Star Trek, but I warmed up to Chris Pine's Kirk. I guess I'm just not a fan of Shatner. I'm glad Steve enjoyed it. I thought he would.
  5. Yes, he did enjoy it a lot. Yes, he liked the twist, although he had a feeling that the blood would make an appearance. As for your chapter, sure I'll look it over.
  6. Oh, just a quick question. I know you're not following the story, but I wondered if you'd look over a chapter of Apocalypse for me, just to see if it makes sense. There's so much going on in the chapter, I just wanted to know if it flows okay.
  7. So did Steve like the movie? What did he think of the twist?
  8. You wondered about whether or not Anna would tell Martha about the incident. I think all she would say to Martha was that she ran into him and that's it. She wouldn't tell Martha what it was that Clark was buying. She saw how embarrassed he was. As for the married part, you're probably right about that. That was sort of Steve's idea. I originally had Clark and Lois being married. Don't be surprised if I repeat myself when I respond to your review.
  9. One more thing...thanks for the awesome review on FSOR. I'll try to get to it later (whenever that is).
  10. Steve had to post his reviews in two different posts. He refers to two certain people in the beginning of the first one who shall remain nameless, then mentions me at the end of the second one. Check it out. *laughs*

    By the way, Steve finally saw Star Trek: Into Darkness last night. Well, we watched it.
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