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  1. Come and check out what I just posted in my art thread! Comments are welcome!

    Sarita's Art Thread Thingamajig
  2. Just posted in my art thread

    Sarita's Art Thread Thingamajig
  3. Just posted a butt-load of crap on my art thread. ENJOY!

    Sarita's Art Thread Thingamajig
  4. exactly. we'll just have to wait and see
  5. Like I said it's possible but the way the Lex/Tess relationship was talked about ect. it seemed more than just a mentor/student relationship to me and the fact that Oliver and Tess met a long time ago it wouldn't make sense to me if she was a clone of Lex's mother. But I wouldn't put it pasted Smallville to recon those things. It would give a better explanation to why Lex left everything to her
  6. Think back. Lex cloned Julian and gave him completely different memories and a new name.

    Now I'm not saying that Tess actually died in the finally and this is her clone, either. I'm saying that Tess coiuld have been cloned, given certain memories and then sent off into the real world. And that's why she was able to be clones

    Or maybe I'm completely wrong and have no idea what I'm talking about. But i'm telling you, either that or GG is her mom. I'm sure of it.

    Participate if you dare.

    If not can you just share the link with all your friends? I'm trying to spread the word. Please and thank you!
  8. Thanks for looking and for adding me
  9. i looked everywhere for that quote you asked for but couldn't find it. sorry. i'll keep looking. I know ED said it in one of her last interviews.
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