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  1. LOL! I haven't read the reviews yet, but if I do, I won't blame you for anything.
  2. Finn joins the Cheerios?! You just know that's going to be comedy gold!!

    I know Brittany gets her own episode so I'm assuming she gets to sing(woohoo!) but I haven't really heard anything about Santanna

    I hope you don't regret reading the reviews if you do. I wouldn't want to be responsible for breaking your will power

    Thanks I'm sure I will
  3. I LOVE Rachel and Finn! I can't wait to see what possesses Finn to join the Cheerios!

    I also love Brittany and Santanna! Brittany cracks me up and Santanna can sing just as big and loud as Rachel and Mercedes can. I hope they give her some solos this year!

    I think I might go read the reviews... *gets into heavy debate with self*

    Have fun with your cousin.
  4. Yeah my cousins great but she's going home soon

    Yup I've watched the previews and I'm really excited. I can't wait to see Rachel and Finn and for Brittney and Santana to be regulars

    Craig's review isn't actually very spoilerly and the other review reveals a bit more but not an awful lot.
  5. Cousins are fun! Maybe you could watch one old episode every day until Saturday.

    I can't wait for Glee almost as much as I can't wait for Smallville! Have you seen the previews for it yet?

    Oh, and were the reviews super-spoilery? If they're not too spoilery, I might go read them. I'm trying to stay out of the Clois Spoiler Thread too, because people are probably talking about the reviews in there.
  6. It's definitely going to be a hard wait! My cousin is visiting so that's keeping me a little distracted but my mind keeps wandering be to Smallville *sigh*

    I have to wait until tomorrow to watch Glee

    What I keep remembering to try to make myself feel better is that this is the last time we will have to wait like this for a new season but that just makes me sad

    Yeah and I read the reviews. I don't have as much restraint as you apparently!
  7. I know! I'm so excited! I don't know how I can contain myself for four long days. I have to try to think of something to look forward to every day so it doesn't seem that far away. Like tonight the Glee premiere is on, tomorrow is new releases at the comic book store, Thursday is my brother's football game, and you know what Friday is! I'm so sorry that you have to wait till Saturday, that would drive me insane!

    Did you know that there's already spoilery reviews out? Ugh. I hate when that stuff happens. Its so tempting to read them before you watch the premiere. I'm gonna need a lot of will power this week. Oy.
  8. I'm glad you had fun Sorry about the rain though, it's cloudy and pretty windy over here but luckily no rain yet :/

    I can't believe Smallville is starting on Friday!!! (Although I'll have to wait til Saturday to watch it )
  9. I got back a few days ago. I had lots of fun. And now I'm back in Seattle where the rain has already taken over.
  10. Hey! When did you get back?! Did you enjoy your trip?

    Or have you not been yet?
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