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  1. This is a reminder from your friendly neighborhood Chlarker, SGuthrie27, telling you that Chlarkiday is only 2 days away! Be there or be square on Saturday, September 4th!
  2. Lorna, as an old Chlarker friend, I would like to invite you to a very special Chlark-centric holiday we're starting on Saturday, September 4th, called "Chlarkiday!" It's for all past and present Chlark shippers, romantic or friendship, to celebrate the Chlark relationship on Smallville! We'll have a posting blitz, and people are encouraged to bring whatever Chlark-related wallies, avatars, banners, links to music videos, Photoshop images, screencaps, and any other goodies they might have. Hope to see you then!
  3. Merry Christmas, Lorna! It's great to have fellow Chloe fans like you around the boards!
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