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  1. Hi D! Sorry your thread was deleted but if it is a duplicate, posted in the wrong section, or incites bashing the MODs will delete it.

    How are you?
  2. OK question... I posted a thread and it got deleted? whats going on? haha.
  3. Thanks for the friend request newbie. It was gladly accepted. See you around the threads. Hope to chat with you soon.

    I just read read you comment on my visitor's page, so you are a long time lurker and first time poster to k-site. Glad you have you aboard the Smallville love train. Sorry I'm being silly.
  4. Hola. Big fan of Smallville, and finally decided to join the Forum. Love reading everyone's input on the show - I'd like to imagine the actors even read it every once in a while. Haha.
  5. Welcome to k-site newbie.
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