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  1. Thank you.
  2. As promised here is the link to the other Canadian Promo!
  3. Awww *hugs* I understand of course! And it's no problem
  4. I appreciate the link. My head is kinda everywhere today.. I don't even have it in me to post or search or deal. Not even my Tommyholicism can help..
  5. Yes it was a nice one I'll send you a link when/if we get the other Canadian promo I can't wait for Friday either
  6. Okay thanks, I didn't realize the Innerspace was Canadian.. my fault. Okay I guess I look out for it tomorrow.. I hate today. But that innerspace was nice..has me happy and geeked for friday
  7. Oh that one is the only Canadian promo we have so far, sorry hon - I didn't know you had already seen that one! The other is usually at Wednesday night
  8. Do u think u can link me to the post with the Canadian promo? I am not up to hunting..i had a look but didn't see it. This promo isn't the same as the innerspace one..cause I seen that.
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