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  1. Oh yum thanks! I did update come back to me with a huge chp 5
  2. Jen, I just thought I'd stop by to ogle your new avatar! *sighs* You weren't kidding. It's HOTTTTTTT!!!!! Also, I hope to entice you to update some of your stories soon. *waves a plate of warm chocolate chip cookies at the computer monitor* Lol.
  3. Updated Come Back To Me Hun
  4. Hi Betty. I have an update to Let it Snow up
  5. Hi Betty, i had a question 4 u
  6. Good! Good! I'm looking forward to those updates! Hehe. Just feel better soon. It just isn't the same without you!
  7. Sorry missed you mom duties kicked in lol. Glad to hear ur good. I understand busy. I am working on catching up.. getting really ill (several times) having laptop break and allergy reaction have me so behind. But I hope to have something out soon.
  8. Haha. I'm good. Just been a bit busy. How are you? I hope all is well and that we'll get an update from you soon!
  9. Hi Betty How r u?
  10. Hi Betty.. Did you see the Metropolis story?
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