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  1. That's too funny, so am i. brand new phone, not very good for messaging. keeps logging me out
  2. Sorry if I don't post to you right away I'm using my phone right now.
  3. Sorry if I don't post to you right away I'm using my phone.
  4. Hi Russell! How are you? I see you finally have a avatar. Interesting choice. Ha ha.
  5. Ill be here for a lil bit if youre still wanting to catch up with me?
  6. Hello!
  7. Im bringin a ski mask for the pics tho ... Im not very photogenic. I plan on being on here later tonight and am always on here in the morning when i get home from work if you ever wanna talk. Sounds like work has been giving u problems, im sorry for that
    before i go... Wanted you to know that if you send me a message, i will alwyas reply to you, even if i think youre pissed at me. I truly enjoy talking to you and chatting about things in our lives.. Kinda miss it cuz we havent very much since the finale. Sorry for the online book!!

    your friend always,
  8. Hey!!!... K..... Lets get this outta the way first.. Its me who should be apologizing. Im the one that misread something and turned this into something bigger than it needed to be. But you seriously had me confused for a while, i couldnt figure it out. The way i see it is... Its my fault, i feel reallybad that youre on here apologing when you shouldnt have to. Im hoping that you will forgive me for putting you through this nonsense.
    Moving forward... Cuz im cool with you if you are with me? I would like to catch up with you. Its been a long time since we have really talked to each other. Im very excited about cc. Im trying to get a sunday pass cuz right now mine is for thurs(the first dy ) but sv cast will be there sun so im trying to get that changed so i can be there for the trailer.... And maybe... Just maybe get apic with ed.... If i dont pass out im meeting up with jill and some others from the site as you mentioned, so it should be a lot of fun!
  9. OH NO! You logged off. I wanted to catch up with you. I re-read my last post and it sounded kind of b-----. I didn't mean it that way. Sorry. Please forgive me.

    How is work? The traveling? And your family? I hope all is great! I am kind of jealous of you. You are going to ComicCon along with several members of this site. Honestly though I hope you have a great time and enjoy the experience. You are so luck you get to see the season 10 trailer first hand. Please reply to my post because I truly want to know how you are.

    Your first K-site buddy

  10. But thank u for sending me that messg... I really ws gonna leave u alone cuz i thought i had somehow managed to make you mad and i didn t wanna make it worse by sending any more messgs, and i should also mention to you that it was good to hear from you...i hope everything is going good for you.
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