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  1. Merry christmas cyndy!!!!!.....proof that i don't forget you...tee hee
  2. Damn limits... I had this all on one stinkin page.... Anyways, no worres on our communication... I know with the hrs that we both have its not always easy to get on here all the time and chit chat... But im sure we will get it straightened out... Someday!.... Cant wait to hear from you again!!!
  3. Well hello there miss cyndy.. I was very happy to see your message!!. Theres not a whole lot new with me. Just a few more months to go, april to be exact then this will all be over with and i can finally slow down a lil. Took my lil boy to his first college football game!... Since hes not quite 2 yet all he cared about was the marching band....i'll work on that!

    Wife is good. Working a lot to help off set my schedule... She still calls me a nerd for my smallville addiction and will gladly tease me about comic con to anyone who will listen.whats the great news about work in dec? I see youre cracking the whip at work... Thats good, people need motivation.

    Wedding.... Im sure as it gets closer things will get a lil more tense, but its natural. Everyone that gets married wants things to go soo perfectly that they often forget to enjoy it(speaking from experience). Im glad to hear that things are good with you guys and wish you both the very best!
  4. Frequently Flyer!!!! How are you love? Thank you for the wonderful Thanksgiving wishes. Sadly I had to work but I'm just thankful and blessed to be employed. How are you? How's the wife, child, and career? I hope all is FANTASTIC for you.

    On a side note I hope to give you some great news about my current job by the end of Dec. The wedding plans are coming along. My better half and I have the date set for 6/11/10. At the moment I am not stressed I hope that statement remains the same come May/June. Things are much better at work considering I passed out verbal warnings to all employees that failed to comply with company policy and procedures. I still do not have much of a social life outside of work as a result of my hours. Besides that everything else is the same. I can't wait to get an update about your life. Chat with you soon Russell.

    Thanks for not giving up on me considering my lack of communication with you, which is not by choice might I add. You are awesome.
  5. Hey cyndy!!!....wanted to see how your doing and to wish you a happy thanksgiving!!
  6. Oh NO! I am so sorry I missed you. I was reading a fanfic and did not see your reply. I didn't intentionally ignore you.

    I visit k-site occassionally while I'm at work but the blasted wireless connection is not very reliable. Sometimes I'm able to log in other times I try to use my phone but do not have the patience to type using my phone. Stupid touch screen. I'm great. Still trying to adjust to my work schedule. Well in all honestly I hope not because I plan on applying for another position within the company once it becomes available at the end of the month. Thankfully it will be from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. No I'm not married yet still in the planning stages the date is set for 6-11-11.

    I couldn't agree with you more Russell. Homecoming is Smallville best episode thus far for all the same reasons you enjoyed it. Great Clois minds think alike.

    Russell I am sorry I missed chatting with you live. I plan on visiting the site Sunday evening so I hope to chat with you then.
  7. I havent talked to you in a long time... How are you doing?... Married yet?.... What did you think of homecoming. I thought it was the best episode of sv ever... Loved it... Thought the future dp scenes were gold and the ending was pure magic... Loved all the clois moments throughout the episode
  8. Omg,.... Where have you been?
  9. Barely Posting paging Frequently Flyer? How are you stranger? It's great to finally be online at the same time.
  10. Paging miss cyndy!!! Havent talked with you in a long time.... Hope all is good!
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