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  1. I know. ED is just a great person and actress. I love her enthusiasm for the fans and the Superman mythos.
  2. She really does! And she also brings the most depth to the character as well!
  3. ED is the BEST live LOIS LANE! She totally brings LL to life doesn't she.
  4. I'm so sorry for the HUGE delay to your question! I actually think Erica has done a great job with her character and what she's been given. In the beginning, when she first started on the show, I personally did not like how they allowed Clark to meet Lois so early on in life but now that the plot of the show is getting more on track with the mythology, I truly do enjoy Erica's character. And in comparison to all the other Lois Lanes, I think Erica is my favorite one
  5. Did ED's Lois ever grow on you?
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