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  1. Thanks!...I was trying to remember to post that milestone when I reached it but, I never remember to look at my count.
  2. Congrats on the 77777!!!
  3. Thanks ... I always forget the count when a milestone is reached.
  4. Congrats on the 77K !!!!!!
  5. Like anything, if you enjoy what you're doing or in this case watching, the time flies. 3 hours wasn't that long. I enjoyed The Hobbit, knowing nothing about the book or for that matter LOTR, I enjoyed the escape for those few hours.
  6. At home is the best place to see them! 3 hours seems long, but when I watched LOTR they didn't seem that long.
  7. Like I've seen everything else home. It was a near perfect DVD quality movie. Funny thing was that every movie was just about 3 hours long I saw last weekend.
  8. Did you see the Hobbit at an IMAX???
  9. Yeah, and than I thought about it and Morgan is a very healthy person; at least he looks like he will be around for quite a bit longer. But, than again MCD died from a heart attack last week so, it really doesn't matter. You go when you go, young or old.
  10. It takes a real lame to start some BS about a great actor. The guy has a great voice..........I end up watching programs I normally wouldn't watch...........just because he is narrating it.
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