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  1. Hi! I know what you're going through about the vitamin D deficiency and I'm really sorry to hear that about you! I do hope you'll get better too. I was suffering from that too! I went my kidney specialist a couple of years ago and she found I didn't have any vitamin D in my body! I had to take the D3 1000 iu I'm doing a lot better now.
  2. Aw sucks when you lose a password, glad you figured it out. I'm ok battling vitamin d deficiency so i am so tired and hurting from that but im ok. How ya doing?
  3. Hi! how are you my friend? I had a hard time getting back here because I forgot my password! I can't believe I haven't been here in 5 months!
  4. Sorry for being loa. I've been really ill and struggling but Im ok. Hope u are alright! Will try and check in more often. ♡
  5. Hi my Friend! Hope things are well with you!
  6. Hi Jen! Hope you're doing well my friend! Also Happy Belated Birthday to you
  7. Happy birthday!!
  8. Yes that is me with Jean Luc .. Sir Patrick Stewart was sweet (and hot) ! Really had a nice time ..but it was uber expensive and i am still exhausted. I can't seem to get any energy and I've been back for what almost 2 weeks now. You alright hun?
  9. Hi Hun! Glad to hear you're doing better! How was Chicago? And is that a pic of you with Jean Luc Picard?
  10. Hi Doris!

    I've been a crazy busy lunatic but i am okay. Went on a trip to chicago and am totally pooped out by it. Trying to get a handle on my summer. How r you?

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