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  1. lmao i know its too hard to concentrate on anything but clois atm!! after all these beautiful amazingly out of this world pics i cant calm down !! omg its offical smallville is wat keeps me goin lol WHOOP WHOOP clark askin lois out 2nite damit im gona be blushing for him lol xx
  2. hey heeeey

    almost echo time, are you super excited?
    can't wait for lois' thoughts, Clarks hero time, the monster trucks, the date askings, the fancy dresses

    hellooo sailor, Im struggling here lol
  3. hehhe !! i know i think the scene we see from the echo promo could be a new dream squence or it cud be clark reading lois's mind ooo wonder what he would make of that lmaoo !!i think the rain scene is going down as the best scene so far !!! awesome nd lois was one hell of a zombie it was freakin crazy !!! lol jealous oliver is great i love people noticing clark and lois' chemistry !!x
  4. I LOVED IT!!! I don't know whether it's because I am a sucker for horror, and clois, and smallville etc etc lol but it was seriously awesome, I loved the zombies! Tess was a kickass zombie! and lois was simply awesome as always trying to eat clarks face. bes. part. of. episode. lol ahahah I loved it!
    But the hug. omg. amazing. so cuuuuute
    I seriously thought they were going to kiss for a while, then I was like wait a minuuute, you know they don't kiss untill crossfire lol
    *still excited* ahaha
    I cant wait for echo
    wit clark reading lois' thoughts. "hellooo sailor" ahahah classic lois
    its so exciting
  5. that was theeeee most amazing episode ever !!!! zombie hug ws so tender just wantd to push ther heads together and go 'kiss kiss kisss'!!!! lol p.s echoo trailer naked clois woooop wooop !!!!
  6. I know where is this promo iv been tryin to find it im guessing someone has uploaded it yet ! gimmie gimmie *drools* more clois now !! i know smallville feels like a completly different show its great and 4 once we aint seein any screen time wsted on chloe lol nt that i hate her or anythin bt she can be a pain in the ass n recently shes been sooo annoying lol tho i thing the producers have been listenin to the fans for instnce...more clois, more fortress, more comic book characters, more fights and actual references to old charcters plus chloe and lois time which iv only herd mentioned on the boards god its like ther tryn to please everyone and its great lol
  7. aaah I know, its happening so fast, I dont feel like its smallville at all :O
    But im not complaining lol
    I reaaaally want to see the canandian promo, zombie lois is fareaking awesome lol
  8. Omg it ws freekn amazing !!! i cudnt shut up the whole way through it with all the awws and eeee's lol my god clrk was so cute in the reunion scene !!! love love love !!! and wel as 4 rabid !! i cant beleive how good smallville has suddenly got i was nt expectn clark to ask lois aon a date thats amazing, and yes i heard about the canadian promo i just hope someone uploads it soon im way too excited im wishing the week away again all 4 smallville lol xxx
  9. I know it was a terrible wait
    But how good was metallo?
    eeek its so exciting, I cant wait for rabid
    I want to see lois as a zombie, apparently the canadian promo showed it but no one has uploaded it yet

    anyhoo only like 5 days or something to go
  10. hey girl !! jsut dropin by to say hi and im pure bored i cant wait any longer to freakn friday lol !! xx anyhu laterz
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