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  1. Merry Christmas !!!<3
  2. Merry Christmas Feliz Navidad 
  3. Season 10??If the ratings allows it.We get a wedding and Clois kids, jajaja.I am kidding
  4. You said it girl ! They have the perfect balance but we think all this stuff we are just seein is cool think of all the stuff we ll get to see if we get a season10 clois forever !!!
  5. The way he looks at Lois just melted my heart, he never looks another woman in this way and he supposedly isn't in love with her yet, they are hot together and a really funny couple and we all love their banter.As for Lois ,she always have her walls up, but with Clark she can't, she can do everything for him, and he can get the best of her.they are perfect together
  6. Omg you just said that all perfectly !!! thats exactly how i would word it, like you look at clark when he looks at lois in hex i wanna seee more of that i want to see them as a couple just interacting that would be so different and also clark looks at lois in a different way he talks to her differently its a real love its more mature but more fun !!!
  7. Yes, Crossfire Can't wait to see the first real Clois KISS and Idol with another kiss, incredible I really want to see Clark in love with Lois, we all see Lois in love with him but I want to see Clark loving another woman than Lana and loving in another way more mature like a big boy not like a child obsessed with his high school sweetheart.Clark and Lois is real love, they are destined to each other, they are great together 
  8. i know but wow can u nt wait till crossfire or what, im excited for metallo but i think crossfire will blow my socks off !!! i just cant beleive we are finally gona get a real clois kiss and clark initiating it thats like wooowwwa ! bring on friday and lois and clark's reunion !!!
  9. Oh Yes, we Cloisers are people with a lot of pacience, jaja, because watching Smallville all this seasons looks like imposible we get all this amazing Clois moments.I remeber when Erica come first in the serie I was very exciting and thought we would not have to wait 5 seasons for Clois 
  10. I know i cant beleive we watched all that clana stuff and all that time wev been hoping for clois and here it finally is all our clois dreams are comin true im so glad i didnt give up on smallville i think when erica durance came on the show in season 4 it started to get better and better she brings all the good stuff the funny action stuff and of course all the clois romance we all need
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