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  1. dont remind me lol but its ok only another day til echo and we v got crossfire pics wooooooo x
  2. I know I know!!! Thrusday remember the good ole days when Smallville used to come on this day?
  3. no sweat friday is getting closer once again !!
  4. thanks for the video its great!!!lol and thanks for informing me about the canadian trailer
  5. hey the clois canadian trailer is up in the echo trailer section its nt the best quality but its awesome it may tie u over and if nt check this out i love it
  6. nah! I really need a new dose of Clois, my hands are shaking
  7. no i aint seen it yet have u ???? im dyin to see it !! x
  8. lol no prob! got the Echo Canadian promo, yet?
  9. hey u !!! thanx for the add p.s mmmm clois sandwich !!! lol bring on echo !!!
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