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  1. scary isn't it? it's like they are born with CPU's instead of brains!
  2. I got a new cell phone last year........and had to read the book on how to use it. A couple weeks later a 7 yr old kid ask me if it had any games on it..........I said no. About 2 minutes later I saw he was playing some kind of video game on it!!!!
  3. LOL us old geezers learn slower than the young whippersnappers do!
  4. Yep!! You got that right. That was my email address...........I didn't know you couldn't change it later.
  5. thanks. and congrats to you as well. Seems like we are "twins" about 5 years apart?(i am assuming the 1957 is your birth year? mine was '62)
  6. Happy Birthday................late. My birthday was also on the 18th!!!!
  7. It's currenty my only "must see tv"... I will rewatch eps a couple of times because they are so good. I tend to be very picky about what I spend my time on-entertainment wise- and Once has proven it's worth.
  8. Glad to see you are a Once Upon a Time fan!
  9. thanks for the friend request.
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