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  1. Looking forward to your reviews
  2. Yeah I do. But I tend to keep things separate from K-site. I haven't even shared it with my fellow mods, only gf now wife that I first met on here. Yeah I know I'm weird . Sorry I haven't had a chance to read more of your stories. I will try to get back to it soon.
  3. Hey david you got facebook?
  4. Batman season 2 is back
  5. absolutely great to see you read the season 2 premiere. looking forward to more of your reviews and input
  6. Thanks man. It's hard to keep up with all the stories as it is, but I will take a look at it if I get the chance.
  7. Hey david if you ever get the chance I just updated my red hood season 1 premiere
  8. Thanks. I don't come online as often, so it may take me awhile, but I will get to it.
  9. New episode of the batman is up david
  10. Cool. Not sure when I will get to it. I'm so behind with everything. But I will try.
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